Getting Past I Don’t Know

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary as a social media manager. As I look back on this past year I realize how much I have done, how much I have learned, and how far I’ve come, but I also look back and see how much more I have to learn, how much I have to do, and how far I have to go. It’s exciting, it’s daunting.

Looking back on this past year, but also on my life i’ve realized one of my biggest road blocks is when I don’t know how to do something. I know we’ve all felt this way, when faced with something we’ve never done before we don’t know how to start or where to begin. For me this fear of not knowing every single step is like a wall between me and what I want to do. I blame the fact that I learned to tie my shoes very early, after that I expected everything to come as easily. In all seriousness, this wall is something I’ve had to break down, crawl over, or dig under many times.

Getting past that sinking I don’t know feeling is hard, but once you do it you fly. And that’s the best feeling. So how do you get past that feeling? If you have a sure fire way let me know! But here are 3 tips for climbing over:

1. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that you are not alone.

  • There’s a scene in Harry Potter where he tells the DA that every great Witch and Wizard started where they are now, as students. Remind yourself of this scene everytime you feel that I don’t know feeling. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that even the pro’s are always learning new things. And as Nike once said, just do it.

2. Focus on what you do know.

  • Remember those multiple choice test you took in school? The best strategy for those was to go through and answer everything you know first, once you had answered 40% of the questions suddenly the test felt much more manageable. That’s true with most things thankfully. When making online ads I felt super comfortable with every aspect except organizing A/B testing. I read all about it, I knew I could do it. And I could, once I pushed myself and started implementing it and playing around with how to organize it I got more and more comfortable with it. Which brings me to number 3.

3. Everything is a work in progress.

  • Don’t feel pressured to get it right the first time. This is huge for me. I was hesitant to implement A/B testing because I felt like I would mess it up. And the first time I set up A/B testing it worked, but since then I’ve changed how I organize and analyze it and made it a better system. Overtime It gets better and better, and easier and easier.

If you’re like me, and the fear of not knowing how to do something perfect the first time makes you almost paralyzed with that sinking stomach feeling, just remind yourself of these three things, and remind yourself that not trying is way worse than failing and it’s a million times worse than just doing it and it not being perfect.

“Success is not final, failure is not

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