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WTF Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Our first week of classes is done! For this week’s episode of crazy things that happen in New York we are going to talk about money. I know everyone knows that New York City is an expensive place to live. And I was prepared and ready for the change. Or so I thought. Apparently I am a frugal old lady at heart… and there have been a couple heart attack scares.

Exhibit A:

NY: $1.89
TX: $0.89
This was the first time I thought to myself, wait I know exactly how much that costs at home and that is a WHOLE DOLLAR MORE! It was a hard moment.
The real kicker came though when I schlepped downtown 98 blocks to Gap to replenish my body spray supply.
NY: $9.50 (small bottle)
TX: $5.95 (small bottle)
I almost cried. How am I supposed to smell fresh and floral-y? I might as well buy Chanel No. 5 for that price.

NYC, Finally

So it is finally here, or better yet I am finally here. On Tuesday I flew to New York city and settled into my new digs on West 130th also known as Harlem.

Movin’ to the Big Apple

So far I am having a deja vu like blast! I am living in a dorm with three freshman girls and it has been awesome. Now I do feel old and there is a good possibility that  living with eighteen year old will come with some annoyances but for the most part they are every bit the girls I wish I would have had my freshman year. They love college and are making friends fast, my dorm is NEVER quiet and always filled with card games, pranks, and laughter. For now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Lovely door decs! (decorations)

I have only gotten turned around on the subway once and have spent the last few days visiting friends and making new ones.

I am not only excited about this new adventure but I feel content. At home here in the city which was something I could not have anticipated this soon and that I am so grateful for!

How to Pay for A Masters Degree: and Other Things College Forgot To Teach Me

I promised there was a post coming about loans! Get excited! Everyone keeps talking about how our generation is going to be mired in debt forever. At least we’re mired together!

 I paid for a small part of Baylor with student loans. Somehow those loans seemed to just appear. I filled out the FAFSA, typed my pin number into some magical internet box and voila Baylor was paid in full. Seriously, that was all I did. Paying for my masters has not been magical and there have been no boxes.

Once I decided I was moving to New York I knew I needed to take out a loan not only for school but also for some of my living expenses – yes I know this is a horrible idea, yes I know I’m not supposed to do that- because New York is expensive and I just paid for Baylor. I also knew I needed to get the ball rolling on the loan application since I waited until June to pick a school.

This post is about to get mildly boring.

The first day of Loan Catastrophe Twenty Twelve was filled with comparing different types of loans. To make a long story short I knew federal government loans were better in the long run but surprise my school had their own special application and no one would return my calls or emails. So I applied for a private loan with a moderate interest rate that is allowed to skyrocket as high as it’s little heart desires when the Chinese buy us.

Day 5 of Loan Catastrophe Twenty Twelve: The school still has not approved the loan so I send a nice inquiry email. I also leave for Europe in 24 hours.

Day 6 of Loan catastrophe Twenty Twelve: School emails saying federal loans are better. I email back. T- minus twelve hours until Europe.

Later in Day 6: I ask the financial aide person to please just certify my private loan since I will not have the capabilities to fill out the federal application in Europe. This confuses her and we email back and forth for a while.

Day 8: Find out my loan still has not been certified and my housing complex is angry. I send a reminder email.

Later Day 8: I get a response asking why I don’t want to fax the federal application from Europe. I scream at the computer to JUST CERTIFY THE PRIVATE LOAN ALREADY. Then type up a nice response.

Day 12 of Loan Catastrophe Twenty Twelve: My loan is finally certified and I can move into my apartment! Yay!

But it’s a short lived yay. Because I know I probably should have figured out a way to make the federal loan work. Because I’m nervous that I have a loan at all, and because I still don’t even have a Lehman email address so am I really a student there?

I probably picked the wrong loan. No one ever taught me what to look for in a loan, I barely understand how interest works.

Now I loved Baylor, and really comparatively I had amazing education. But I was required to take only one math class and it involved counting blocks into fractions. No lie. I’m horrible at math so this seemed like a blessing! Blocks I can do.

Kind of. In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you I got a C in Ideas of Mathematics (yes that’s really what it was called). I never admitted that while at Baylor because as you can imagine, the class is somewhat of a joke. But I like you guys.

After Loan Catastrophe Twenty Twelve I wish someone had taught me more about finance and less about fractions.

And that is how and why we, collective generation y (are we y or x? They should just call us GenFacebook or something) , are on a debt ship. But like I said at least if it sinks we’re together! :)