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Pie Baking and Pumpkin Carving

It’s actually really rare that Aidan and I have a day off together. Conflicting schedules, me working six days a week and him working two jobs and going to school means it’s really rare that we actually get a whole 24 hours just us. ┬áThis past Saturday I had taken off work to have our Fall Party and Aidan, Finch, and I got to spend the morning preparing by baking sweets and carving pumpkins.

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AppleWood Orchards

If you have never been apple picking I highly recommend it. And if you live in the Tri-State area I highly recommend AppleWood Orchard in Warwick NY.


Not only do they have miles and miles of apple trees, they also have a country store, outdoor seating complete with live band and puppet show, and a pumpkin patch.


After we filled our bag with apples, and Finch got to roll around in the dirt a bit (he loved it) we sat down to enjoy the live music and apple cider.


We also wanted to get some pumpkins while we were there, you can walk to their pumpkin patch, but they also have a tractor ride, and who can resist a free ride?


The pumpkins were great and a super good deal! Finch loved getting to pick out his pumpkin!


All and all it was a great day! Fun for the whole family, I would highly recommend it! Also don’t forget to try the apple cider donuts! We ate ours too fast to take a photo but they were absolutely delicious!

#IAmARepublican Ad Campaign. Republicans They’re Just Like Us.

First off, if you’re a republican, that’s totally fine with us here at GIR, after all you’re a human too! That’s what this new ad tries to remind us, that Republicans are people, too! Stop confusing them with shotguns, bud light cans, or Ford trucks. They drive Prius’s for God sakes!

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