Apple iOS7 – The time is right for a big change

Today it was announced that there would be a new look for iOS7 and Apple was not kidding nor did it disappoint. There are major changes to the look and feel of mobile devices which has been spearheaded by design chief Jony Ive. Gone are the days of “real-world” looking apps and instead they have been replaced it with a much nicer and crisp design.

Apple iOS7 view
Time Cook introduces iOS7 at the WWDC in California (image courtesy of Apple)

I think the time was right for major changes to the look of an iPhone/iPad. Many of my friends who have been long time advocates of Apple Inc, eagerly buying the latest gadget, were losing faith. In fact just the other day someone stated (in reply to my misfortune that my phone is dying)

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? Not only am I bored of my iPhone, but I think as an actual phone it’s pretty poor #timeforachange

Whilst saying that they were also looking over their shoulder, well aware that the WWDC was close by and wondering what Apple will pull out of the bag. I must admit my expectations were rather low. I was disappointed with the iPhone 5 and really don’t think it offers anything more than the iPhone 4S but it would probably have been worth the upgrade if you had the 4. iOS7 has not disappointed me though, it’s pleasantly surprised me.

New features

I like some of the new features, in particular I think the iCloud keychain and password generator is a real nice little addition. It will help me a lot and it’s free so it means I don’t have to spend the money on 1Password. There is of course though, in traditional Apple form, some features that should have always been on the iPhone that never were and are now being dressed up as some super cool new element. I am of course talking about the ability to share pictures, videos and contacts via AirPlay. Oh wow thanks Apple, only most other phones have had that ability for years with Bluetooth functionality and it isn’t restricted to just an iPhone. I suppose it’s a step in the right way though.


Some other points that has made me smile include the increased functionality of the FindMyiPhone app, the efficiency of the control center and the updated Safari. If you lose your phone then and you wipe it then it now disables the phone completely. The only way around this is if you have your Apple credentials – sweet move! The control center looks a lot easier and can be accessed with one swipe, giving you control of many of the quick and important regular tasks you do with your phone such as playing music to accessing wifi spots.


Not really sure what to make of the iRadio. It basically seems to rival Pandora and links closely with your iTunes account, trying to understand your tastes in music. Apple has had mixed success when it comes to trying new things with music content (other than iTunes itself) so we shall see. Again, it’s free though so it’s worth checking out. It leaves me wondering though, why would anybody want to purchase or download music if they can just stream it for free? Could it challenge iTunes itself?

All in all I think Apple have come up well with it’s latest iteration of its mobile Operating System. It’s available in the Fall (autumn for our UK readers) and it’s actually still going to be available for the iPhone 4 so as long as my phone lasts out that long, I will be downloading it the day it comes out to try out the new features. Are you pleased with the latest updates? Has it changed your opinion on whether to stay with Apple products or not? Let us know.

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