Being a Dog Mom

Also known as realizing being a human mom will be, lets say, interesting.

Since we’ve adopted Finch I’ve realized I am the type of mom that is compulsive. I have been compulsively researching dog foods, dog toys, dog training, dog shampoo’s, etc.


I literally spent 3 hours comparing the ingredients of different dog foods. And when I say literally I mean it in the “I actually read labels of ┬ádog food bags for 3 hours on the internet one day” sense and not the “that was so interesting my head literally exploded” way that the internet seems to use literally, literally.



I have read up on what medicines I can give my dog, I have compared the prices of Kong toys on multiple websites. (Amazon is the cheapest for everything and they sadly did not pay me to say that)

I always said I would not be the type of dog parent that made their dog food, but then Finch had some tummy trouble and I read on a dog blog that organic pumpkin and yogurt helped dog stomachs so there I was mixing my dog a bowl of pumpkin and yogurt … for my dog. Whoops.

And all of this has made me realize that when Aidan and I have a baby I will be 100 times worse.

Or maybe I’ll be too tired to care, haha time will tell.


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