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Getting Past I Don’t Know

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary as a social media manager. As I look back on this past year I realize how much I have done, how much I have learned, and how far I’ve come, but I also look back and see how much more I have to learn, how much I have to do, and how far I have to go. It’s exciting, it’s daunting.

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Happy Birthday Aidan!

Guys it’s once again that time of year, children are laughing, people are passing, it’s Christmas time in the city! It’s time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and Aidan! Yes friends it was just a mere 27 years ago that Aidan decided JC shouldn’t get all the birthday fun and arrived a whopping 4 weeks early to steal Christmas and our hearts!

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Life Decisions

The thing about growing up in America is that your life is pretty set out and pre determined  for you from the age of birth to 18. You go to school, sure there are some minor choices in there, do I want to play tennis or softball? But for the most part you’ve go a set thing going. It’s pretty nice. And, for me, college wasn’t really a choice in the sense that I had to go, so that was a decision pre made for me too.

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Pie Baking and Pumpkin Carving

It’s actually really rare that Aidan and I have a day off together. Conflicting schedules, me working six days a week and him working two jobs and going to school means it’s really rare that we actually get a whole 24 hours just us.  This past Saturday I had taken off work to have our Fall Party and Aidan, Finch, and I got to spend the morning preparing by baking sweets and carving pumpkins.

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