Happy Birthday Party To Me

I think I’ve said it before on this blog but it needs repeating: I really am my mothers daughter. My sister and I were no more spoiled than your average upper middle class american kid (aka we were pretty spoiled) but our birthday parties were always above and beyond. Think clowns, and magicians, think 60-70 people. My mother loves to throw a party. And I have definitely inherited that trait. Be it our housewarming party, halloween party, or my birthday party, I love to decorate, bake, and plan. In the case of my birthday the excess isn’t even all for me; I really enjoy hosting parties that provide fun, food, and joy to my friends.


My actual 24th birthday is this week but this past Saturday I had planned a big birthday event. I can tell I’m turning 24 and growing up because almost nothing about my planned party went, well, according to plan.

The original idea was to meet friends at the Harlem Food Truck Rally for a late lunch, then head back to our apartment for cake and maybe a board game before heading to a bar to play beer pong and other bar games. And then it rained. I mean it poured down rain all of Saturday. The food truck rally was canceled and Aidan and I were left with some plan changing to do.

I should be used to it raining on my birthday. It has happened most years actually, i’m a spring baby after all. When I was younger I dreamed of having a pool party for my birthday; seriously I had the whole thing planned out from the Oriental Trading catalog, there were going to be grass skirts and blow up flamingos. It would’ve been awesome. But It’s too cold and rainy in April for a pool party so it never happened. My mom would try to make me feel better talking about how spring is the best time to be born because it’s a time of new life and Easter and April showers bring May flowers etc. Anyway it rained on Saturday and so we compromised and moved the whole party to our apartment, complete with beer pong.


And I handled all of the changes and decision making pretty well for me, I was still an anxious wreck before people arrived but that’s normal for me in regards to any party I throw.


We had our friends over for pizza, my famous queso, cake, board games, and most importantly jello shots and beer pong. It was a great night, and it was another reminder that NYC really is becoming a home for me. Not a bad start to my birthday week :)


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