If You Aren’t a Fan of Pop Culture Pirate You’re Missing Out

While perusing the Internet (one of my favorite things) recently I found an article about Pop Culture Pirate, better known as Elisa Kreisinger, a Brooklyn based video artist. Ms. Kreisinger takes well known pop culture characters and mashes them together to make new stories or points about society. Elisa has also fought for her right to make this kind of art by arguing in favor of Fair Use copyright law.

PCP has turned Don and Roger from Mad Men into lovers, Carrie Bradshaw and the Real Housewives  into lesbians  and Ann Romney into a feminist. One of the reasons I was drawn to PCP’s videos was the idea of taking something that happened in real life like Anne Romney’s speech and changing it to reflect your views; it’s a hijacking of the cultural conversation and it’s brilliant.

The videos are the definition of art that changes your perspective on culture. To see more of her work follow Pop Culture Pirate on Twitter and Tumblr.

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