It’s June…Whew

When I sat down to write this post I actually typed “It’s May…Whew”, which just shows you how completely swamped and out of it I have been for all of May.

Seriously this is how I look and feel.


I recently started a second job which required me to attend some weekend training sessions; meaning that I haven’t had a day off of work since May 2nd. BUT that is now over and I can go back to actually sleeping.


Now that things are settling into a groove I’m really excited about this summer. I finally feel like I’m in a really stable adult place and that’s really fun! For instance we got glass plates and bowls and wine glasses. I really like my jobs, my apartment and the life I’m building in NYC. This summer promises to be full of lots of growth, new challenges, fun trips, and hopefully lots of SUN!

I can’t thank you all for being patient with me and the blog when life gets in the way a bit, I promise to keep you updated on all of our adventures!

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