Life Decisions

The thing about growing up in America is that your life is pretty set out and pre determined  for you from the age of birth to 18. You go to school, sure there are some minor choices in there, do I want to play tennis or softball? But for the most part you’ve go a set thing going. It’s pretty nice. And, for me, college wasn’t really a choice in the sense that I had to go, so that was a decision pre made for me too.

It wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I had to actually decide something huge. Did I want to stay in Texas or move to New York City.

It was a really hard decision, I would basically be choosing to leave every one and everything I knew and loved. I had family, friends, a church I liked, a community. I chose to leave.

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And if I could tell you how I did it, I would. I think sometimes you just get feelings and you have to go with them. Think of it as instinct or I like to think of it as God giving me a nudge in the right direction, but whatever it is, it’s not overwhelming. Usually it’s that small faint feeling somewhere between your heart and your stomach.

The older I get the more I realize these decisions will only keep coming, and now that Aidan and I are pretty sure our relationship isn’t going anywhere and we have a dog these decisions are even harder. Should I take this job? Should we open this savings account or this one? Should I leave this job and try to freelance? Are we staying in NY?*

And I have a gut feeling they will only get worse as we age. As our world grows bigger and yet smaller (we could live and work anywhere in the world!) we are faced with all of these forks in the road.

How do you all make these major  life choices? Am I the only one that thinks about the future obsessively and tries to plan out years in advance? Please tell me i’m not alone!



*disclaimer: some of these are not real decisions we are making currently, stop freaking out mom.

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