New York City Here I Come

There is a moment for every college grad when they realize that they are done. D. O. N. E done, not only done with college but also, for the most part, done with all nighters, library parties, “Thirsty Thursdays” , free football games (If you were lucky enough to go to Baylor, that is), and all the crazy wonderful things that come with being an undergrad student. For some that moment happens after their last final, for others as they walk across the stage at graduation, for me it came a little later. At this point we are going to go backward before we can go forward.

Even before I graduated I knew I was going to pursue a Masters degree right away. The only question was “where?”. I spent the better part of my senior year at Baylor applying to different programs and fielding questions about my plans for next year. Here is a brief timeline of my thought process:

August: “Senior year is gonna be AWESOME! Light class load = tons of friend and free time…wait what is this?   Grad school emails ALREADY?” So “free” time turned into frantic essay writing time.

Late August: “Okay, no Baylor, already did that. I’m going to San Francisco! Or maybe New York, yeah I’m going somewhere cool!”

October: “Wait Baylor is only ten months? Okay well maybe I’ll just apply…”

December: This meant Christmas break where I answered the question “so what are you doing after graduation?” over a hundred times and nervously bit my nails down to tiny nubs of their former selves.

January: “Okay, too many applications, I have to downsize. I’m applying to Baylor and Lehman in New York. Baylor is just a back up. Well maybe I’ll apply to UTSA too, just in case.” 

February: “No more procrastination! March 1st is the application deadline.” Heart totally set on New York

March: Accepted to Baylor! Celebration because I actually got into a school! Whoohoo, still set on NYC

April: Accepted to Lehman in NYC. Decide NYC is scary and decide to go to UTSA in my hometown. Wait? What? Yeah, that’s what everyone said. I had been talking about New York for months, but the money and the amount of change were a lot for me to process. So I picked moving back home to San Antonio. I picked the easy way out.

May: Finals. Goodbyes. And Graduation. This month meant saying goodbye to my home for the last four years! A home I loved. My time at Baylor was AMAZING. And because of that this also brought on… Well maybe I’ll just go to Baylor again. That way I won’t have to say goodbye! (This also brought more eyebrow raising from my friends and family, I think at this point they were very confused by me)

June: The problem with Baylor was cost. It was almost as expensive as NYC. And thoughts of New York kept creeping into the back of my mind.
I had realized I was done. I wanted to go back to Baylor because I missed undergrad. But you can’t stay there forever. We grow up. And who doesn’t want to live in NYC for a year? Who doesn’t want to go off and have an adventure? And so I emailed Lehman, thinking they would never let me come in August when I was emailing them in JUNE. 

I was wrong. A spot had just opened up at Lehman. I had no excuse. So, I got the ball rolling. Figured out a place to live in NYC and bought a ONE WAY plane ticket.

I am still scared. I am still a little in shock, but, I have no way to change my mind now! I’ve spent way too much money on school and apartment deposits and plane tickets to back out now! That means on August 21st, 2012 I will be moving to New York City.

This blog will tell the tale of one tiny southern girl moving to the big city. I promise hilarity, some tips on surviving the city on no money and very little friends (at least to start), probably some tears, but mostly some really good NYC stories!

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  1. I’ve been rooting for this one from day one. Yee haw! Can’t wait to come visit. I will miss my sis living at home though. We love you Jules.

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