NYC, Finally

So it is finally here, or better yet I am finally here. On Tuesday I flew to New York city and settled into my new digs on West 130th also known as Harlem.

Movin’ to the Big Apple

So far I am having a deja vu like blast! I am living in a dorm with three freshman girls and it has been awesome. Now I do feel old and there is a good possibility that  living with eighteen year old will come with some annoyances but for the most part they are every bit the girls I wish I would have had my freshman year. They love college and are making friends fast, my dorm is NEVER quiet and always filled with card games, pranks, and laughter. For now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Lovely door decs! (decorations)

I have only gotten turned around on the subway once and have spent the last few days visiting friends and making new ones.

I am not only excited about this new adventure but I feel content. At home here in the city which was something I could not have anticipated this soon and that I am so grateful for!

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