Only You Can Prevent Pigeon Death

Today I was perusing the free section of Craigslist, for well, free things and I happened upon this sad story:


Okay now I applaud any effort to save wildlife, especially in New York City where any animals besides pampered dogs are very scarce. but Rob there seem to be some holes in your story.

First you say you found this almost 3 week old pigeon on the ground because it had fallen out of it’s nest, but there was no nest Rob! Did this not worry you?

Second you say you have been feeding it mushed up bread and water because you don’t know what they eat… Rob, Rob, Rob have you not heard of Google? I can’t believe that you don’t have the ability to Google search this question seeing as you have access to Craigslist.

bird 2


Look Rob, I didn’t even have to type the whole sentence! Rob do you even CARE about your new pigeon!?

In your defense though Rob I looked up what 3 week old pigeons eat and it’s much more complicated than one would assume, it involves syringes and pigeon formula or mushed up cat food. Side note Rob how do you know your pigeon is 3 weeks old but you don’t know what he eats? See things just aren’t adding up.

Finally Rob you claim to care about this 3 week old pigeon and yet you threaten to throw him out on the street to die  if no one comes and gets him?

Rob did you not think to Google NYC pigeon rescue? Because that was the first thing I thought of and looky here:

bird 3

I’m really doubting your commitment to this bird Rob. I don’t want to adopt your new pigeon friend, but please, don’t kill him.



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