Pie Baking and Pumpkin Carving

It’s actually really rare that Aidan and I have a day off together. Conflicting schedules, me working six days a week and him working two jobs and going to school means it’s really rare that we actually get a whole 24 hours just us. ┬áThis past Saturday I had taken off work to have our Fall Party and Aidan, Finch, and I got to spend the morning preparing by baking sweets and carving pumpkins.

I’m usually a loner when it comes to baking, I would rather just do it myself since I know all the steps etc, but since this was our only day off Aidan wanted to help. I’m really glad I let him, we made a great team and it was much more fun.


Also the pie was delicious.

And of course we needed to carve our pumpkins before the party!


Aidan went traditional


I went spooky

IMG_1842 IMG_1841

They made a great pair.IMG_1853

And of course the party was really fun too!




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