Social Media Services and Pricing

Social media has swiftly become an integral part of our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms are all accessible on our computers, phones, and tablets. Never before has there been such an opportunity for affordable advertising, brand integration, and a chance to engage and communicate with customers in real time as can be gained through social media platforms today. Geeking It Real helps to  initiate that two-way conversation between you and your customers online. We understand the power of social media and are passionate about helping you harness that power to enhance your brand. Whether you want to increase your distribution list, showcase a particular product or service, solidify a positive online reputation, create an advertising campaign, or run a social media contest we have the right Return On Investment (ROI) focused social marketing strategy for your specific needs.

The Standard Package

(Basic Management Plan)

*2-3 Social Media Profiles

*1-3 Status updates per day

*Monthly Strategic Consulting

*Content Distribution (content created by client or smm at client discretion)

*Online Customer Service

$350 Monthly

The SEO Package

Website SEO checkup

Website SEO optimization including:

Keywords and Meta tags

Image descriptions and tags

URL redirection

Link checkup

One time optimization for $200, or $100 if added onto a package

The Get You Started Package

If your business is new, or new to social media I will create your social media accounts complete with any necessary images and help you write and insert any profile information.

$300 one time fee.

Package of strategy templates provided for $100 extra fee.

The Tailored Package

Want something you don’t see here? Would you like someone to manage your social media platforms or create custom images or content calendars? We can create a custom package for your business together. We will meet and discuss exactly what you have in mind and I will provide you a quote for the desired services.

Social Media Consultancy

Interested in implementing and getting a handle on Social Media? We will work together to develop a customized Social Media marketing plan for your business. I will teach you proven strategies to take your business to the next level. I will help you create strategy templates so you, or an employee, can take over when we are through.

$600 one time fee.

Some Awesome Extras

Add an advertising campaign on one extra platform*

Research and cultivate sponsorship opportunities across social platforms

Explore unique media options such as podcast advertising

Website SEO optimization

Image/logo creation

Each of the above can be purchased for $150 separately or $50 as add ons to a package.

* can only be added to an existing package

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