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Life Decisions

The thing about growing up in America is that your life is pretty set out and pre determined ¬†for you from the age of birth to 18. You go to school, sure there are some minor choices in there, do I want to play tennis or softball? But for the most part you’ve go a set thing going. It’s pretty nice. And, for me, college wasn’t really a choice in the sense that I had to go, so that was a decision pre made for me too.

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Happy Birthday Party To Me

I think I’ve said it before on this blog but it needs repeating: I really am my mothers daughter. My sister and I were no more spoiled than your average upper middle class american kid (aka we were pretty spoiled) but our birthday parties were always above and beyond. Think clowns, and magicians, think 60-70 people. My mother loves to throw a party. And I have definitely inherited that trait. Be it our housewarming party, halloween party, or my birthday party, I love to decorate, bake, and plan. In the case of my birthday the excess isn’t even all for me; I really enjoy hosting parties that provide fun, food, and joy to my friends.


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