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The Spurs Beat The Heat

If you were wondering when I would start posting about the Spurs again wonder no more. Mostly I’m coming back to the topic of the Spurs because of the time of year, we’re headed towards the playoffs, and since I’m  not really a sports blogger it would be boring for me to write about the whole season. But also this was a GREAT day to start for the 2014 season because we finally beat the Miami heat (!!!) for the first time since game 5 of the 2013 finals.

Coach Pop and Tim Duncan share a moment before game seven of the 2013 finals

I honestly hadn’t realized how upset I still was about last summer’s finals games until the other day when Aidan tried to bring them back up and I just kept repeating that I didn’t want to talk about it. And I don’t.  But I do want to talk about the Spurs this year.



Timmy is still playing great for his age, we have Marco Belinelli who is turning into a great fit for our team, and we still have some old solids like Tony, Manu, Tiago, Kawhi, Boris, Danny, basically the whole team is awesome.

We’ve been playing well, if a bit  inconsistently, the last few weeks and after last nights big win I think this is the win we need to make a strong push in the playoffs. Get excited because the playoffs are just around the corner, and we’re back baby!

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The 2013 NBA Finals

I honestly don’t want to write a post about this, but I felt like I wrote so many leading up to the last game that I should at least address the fact that the Spurs lost. There’s a lot to say, but I’m not the right person to analyze the game, being a sports writer must be really difficult. Here’s the one biased thing I will say: the Spurs handled loosing like the gentlemen they are and the Miami Heat, mostly Lebron James, handled winning like the absolute jerks that they are.


I’m sorry but you are not the “king” of anything. Yes Lebron James you are good at basketball; however, and this may come as a shock to you, but you are not the only person that can play basketball. In fact there are quiet a few people in the United States that are pretty good at basketball so good in fact they form this thing called the National Basketball Association. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yes Lebron James you may be good at basketball, but you have not yet proven yourself to be any where near the skill level of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, or Wilt Chamberlin, or Shaq, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or even Tim Duncan. And you, Lebron James made a fool of yourself and a team that gave you your start when you “took your talents to South Beach” and that my friend is why in fifty years you will be known as a good basketball player, maybe even one of the greats, but you, Lebron James will never be remembered with such affection and admiration as the greatest power forward of all time.

Okay maybe that was more than one biased thing.


The San Antonio Spurs are a great team, but they dropped the ball (no pun intended) during game six and seven of the NBA Finals. The coaches and staff underplayed Tony Parkers injury and it was apparent during the last two games where he could not move as fast or swiftly as he usually did. Manu Ginobili (the love of my sports life) made shot mistakes, and Danny Green lost his confidence. But there are no excuses in sports, Miami played better and they won. And it was sad for me (and a lot of people). It wasn’t the NBA or David Sterns fault,  or even Pops fault. That’s sports, there are winners and losers, some players just lose with more class than others.



Best of the West: The San Antonio Spurs

It is no secret that I am a Spurs fan.


And sometimes people give me crap for being a Spurs fan, which I pretend to not understand because it’s not like I’m a Timberwolves fan or I don’t know insert not currently great NBA team here (Rockets) fan, I’m a Spurs fan. But I pretend to not understand because it doesn’t make sense but I get it; The Spurs are not “hollywood”. We don’t really have scandals, our team loves each other and loves the game, but they don’t get Nike contracts or punch fans to generate press because they want one thing and one thing only (that thing is not fame), to win.


Here’s the thing, I am a Spurs fan all season, even when we lose, even when we play like crap, even when Manu throws a million crappy three’s, I root for them because they are my team. Around this time of year people send me all the news articles that pop up about how great Tim Duncan is, the best player according to NY Times, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, etc. According to the experts though he’s only the best once we reach the finals. Next November, no matter what the outcome of these upcoming games are, I guarantee the Spurs will almost be forgotten. They will most likely win, they will probably dominate the West, but Sports Center won’t mention it until we get to the Playoffs. Even now, that we are the Western Conference Champions we’re getting very little air time, everyone is talking about Miami. That’s okay, we like it that way, we’d rather our game not be analyzed and torn apart by Magic and the semi circle of experts, we’d rather surprise you on the court.


Here are some quick facts if I haven’t convinced you that we are a great team:

  • Spurs are (16-6) all-time in NBA Finals games, which gives them the best winning percentage of any team in Finals history
  • The San Antonio Spurs hold the longest active consecutive playoffs appearance with 16 appearances, starting in the 1998.
  • Tim Duncan has won more playoff games in his career (129) than 20 of the other 29 current NBA franchises
  • The Spurs have played in 204 playoff games since Tim Duncan’s arrival to San Antonio in 1997
  • Since 2003, Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have played in 150 playoff games together, the most playoff games played as an active trio in the NBA
        All above stats taken from NBA.com

And it’s not just Tim Duncan. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are also most likely future hall of famers, they are amazing players who work together. And let’s not forget Pop. The coach that is famous for one word sideline interviews that make journalists cringe, but the coach that also has led his team to four NBA championships, one of only five coaches to accomplish that stat and of that five Gregg Popovich has the highest winning percentage .727 (16-6) of any in the Finals.

Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan

So whenver some stranger see’s me in my Manu jersey and says something stupid about the Spurs I just smile and nod, because I know what the press has forgotten to tell them; that we are not only a good team, but we are a historic team. We are the Best of the West.


Game one of the NBA Finals airs June 6th at 9pm ET on ABC


Drive For Five: The San Antonio Spurs

Tonight the San Antonio Spurs take on the Golden State Warriors in game two of the NBA Playoff semi finals. On Monday night the Spurs beat the GSW in double overtime. I have been a Spurs fan since 2007 when I moved to San Antonio and  I am pretty die hard. I won’t go into how overlooked the Spurs are by the media, because we kinda like it that way, and I won’t go into how overlooked Tim Duncan is, becasue he doesn’t care but I will say this:














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I will also say this: GO SPURS GO!

And that I love this sexy beast