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A/B Testing as Easy as A,B…C.

In my last post I used A/B testing  as an example of something in social media management that overwhelmed me a bit. And in this post I’ll explain why that was silly, because it’s not that hard! According to the ever wonderful and helpful Wikipedia A/B testing is  defined as “jargon for a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment“.

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Getting Past I Don’t Know

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary as a social media manager. As I look back on this past year I realize how much I have done, how much I have learned, and how far I’ve come, but I also look back and see how much more I have to learn, how much I have to do, and how far I have to go. It’s exciting, it’s daunting.

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#IAmARepublican Ad Campaign. Republicans They’re Just Like Us.

First off, if you’re a republican, that’s totally fine with us here at GIR, after all you’re a human too! That’s what this new ad tries to remind us, that Republicans are people, too! Stop confusing them with shotguns, bud light cans, or Ford trucks. They drive Prius’s for God sakes!

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The Power of Social Media at the Oscars

Last night, in just over 30 minutes a new record was broken. There was a new record set for the number of RT’s (retweets) of Ellen DeGeneres “selfie” at the Oscars. Whilst it was apparent that this was a plug for Samsung, it showed the power of social media as the public took the challenge of setting a new record. The previous record was set by President Barack Obama when he tweeted “Four more years” after his reelection, this gained 780k retweets.Barack Obama tweet

After around 30 minutes this was superseded by the Oscars tweet with over 800k RT’s to the most famous selfie made.Ellen DeGeneres record breaking tweet

If anybody was in any doubt as to the power of social media – it showed what can be done in a very small amount of time. As of now there has been over 2 million RT’s. That’s pretty impressive!