The Time My Cell Phone Was Stolen

Only a few days before there was  the fraudulent charge on my debit card  Aidan and I were spending a lazy day home to celebrate his birthday when we decided to make a Starbucks run.  When we were leaving a man bumped into me, sorry’s were exchanged and we went on our way.

A block away I checked for my phone in my coat pocket and it was gone. Rookie move keeping it in my pocket I thought to myself and then I kind of freaked out. I basically dumped my purse on the sidewalk looking for it but it was really gone. Aidan started calling it repeatedly and we retraced our steps back to the Starbucks; nothing.

We started walking home and Aidan was already brainstorming tech ideas, asking me what apps I had to see if we could trace the phone when I lost it a little bit.

Okay  I lost it a lot; I started freaking out about not having a phone and how someone now had access to all my information. Aidan snapped me out of it and made a game plan. We went to the police station next door to our apartment and filed a lost or stolen item report. There was no way to prove really that it had been stolen but this way there was a record of the incident.

When we got back to the apartment though everything changed. I realized I could track my phone through Google Manager and it was about ten blocks south of us, we ran outside and found a cop in his car and convinced him and his partner to take Aidan and I down there. The whole time Aidan was activating the ring back which makes the phone ring on high volume for 5 minutes.

Even though we had gotten excited and made the cops drive us down to 141st there wasn’t much we could do once we got down there; so we had to go home. But we were able to amend the police report to state the phone was stolen.

Once we got home I had to let our friends we were meeting for dinner know that I didn’t have a phone so I Facebook messaged them. Then my friend Cristina messaged me back that some guy had just called her about my phone. I called my phone and a guy did answer and agreed to meet me at Starbucks. I was actually getting my phone back!

The guy dropped my phone off and it was only a little banged up and he had put the case on backwards, but other than that it was fine and it was back! I was so happy! We think that his original intentions were to steal the phone but he couldn’t figure out how to take the battery out, and Aidan annoyed him enough with the ring back that he gave up.

Aidan and I headed back to our apartment feeling pretty good  about our sleuth skills only to realize we had locked our selves out of the apartment. It was quiet the day. We were able to go through the apartment next to us, get onto our fire escape and open the window. We were finally home, phone in hand, success definitely felt good.


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