The Time My Debit Card Was Stolen

About three week before Christmas I had two different belongings stolen from me on two different days, super fun; so this week at Geeking It Real we’re going to have theme posts. First up how my debit card got stolen, and if you’re wondering if Target was involved then you are probably right!

The reason I say probably is because there is no way to prove for 100% sure that my debit card information was stolen from Target, but since they did have a security breach and I did buy a 7 foot tall fake Christmas tree and a Mickey Mouse stocking from a Target store during the vulnerable dates I think it’s fairly safe to assume that was where my information was compromised.

I was at work one day – a week before Target came out and said there had been a breach –  when I get a text from my bank, “your checking account has fallen below $25”. Umm what? I’m poor, but not that poor. I quickly logged onto my bank account and saw a charge I did not make to a bookstore in the UK for $300. In all honesty my first thought was “Aidan!?” But then I realized he doesn’t have my card info, so I called my bank.

I was smart in that I had a text notification set up for when my account was low, alerting me to the fact that something was wrong; I have also since set up a text alert for any purchase over $100. I suggest having alerts of this nature for your bank accounts. It saved me a lot of hassle by catching the charge quickly.

I also got lucky in a few ways; first I caught the charge very fast meaning my bank was able to stop the charge from processing fully and second my fraudulent charges happened very soon after the breach so my bank wasn’t inundated with calls.

Because I caught the charge so fast I was able to shut off that card and receive a new card within a  few days. Mostly it was just inconvenient and I do feel bad for those who are now being restricted by their banks until their cards are replaced.

Tune in Friday for the answer to “what else got stolen?” and I guarantee this is not only a real item (not that debit cards aren’t real) but a much more interesting story!

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