Why Blogging is Hard: The Julie Story

Aidan explained to you guys why blogging is hard for him and told you I would let you guys know why blogging is hard for me. My reasons are pretty different from Aidan’s. I love writing, and it comes naturally to me especially when I get an idea I can crank out the story relativity fast. I love using WordPress but it took me a while to learn all the formatting techniques, I’m still learning actually. The first time I tried to embed a Youtube video it took me way longer than I would ever like to admit.

For me the issue isn’t writing or finding stories (although there are dry spells where nothing really sticks out at me and I write posts about my dog), the problem with blogging is when real life gets in the way. As some of you know I have been in Texas for the last two weeks and will be here for two more weeks. I did okay keeping up with the Keeping It Real section at first but then on June 11th my first nephew was born. Rhodes is absolutely amazing, the perfect baby! My sister and Rhodes were in the hospital for four days and came home last Friday. After that we were all getting adjusted to the new family member and there hasn’t been much time for anything including blogging.

It's exhausting being an Aunt
It’s exhausting being an Aunt


I’m okay with that, though. I am so thankful for the community of people that read and like our blog! We are so grateful you guys continue to come back even if we don’t always provide awesome content! But my family comes first, as I’m sure you all understand. Now that things have settled down here in Texas I’ll be posting more frequently, and once I’m back in NYC I will be posting non stop I hope! Thank you all for reading, I think you are awesome :D.

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