Why blogging is more difficult than I ever thought

History of Geekingitreal

Our blog came about from a variety of different aspects. Julie, who is in charge of the “Keeping it real” section already had her own blog and previously shared her thoughts. I, on the other hand, did not but I became increasingly aware of how important it is to have an online presence, especially in my field! I go to numerous different networking events and I wanted to be able to provide people with a greater insight of me rather than just handing out a business card with an email address. With this in mind I decided to approach Julie with an idea to combine the two and thus geekingitreal.com was born with a really cool logo designed by my rather talented sister Naomi.


I am actually really pleased with our progress in such a short amount of time. We have done all the right things (I think) and have been indexed by Google as well as getting views from other search engines. Our traffic to the site is gradually increasing and we’ve actually been accepted by Google AdSense already which is a pretty good sign. It shows that our blog is different and original and hopefully enjoyable! Julie is a natural when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keeps on getting us hits from strangers all over the world so I nag her to make sure she keeps blogging and this is where the problem lies…

Blogging is hard work!!

Blogging IS hard work. I just had to reemphasis that. As much as we both enjoy writing about causes that affect us and we are passionate about I had no idea the amount of time and effort you need to put into it for it to be worthwhile. Julie’s cousin runs a blog (which you can view here) and she would tell us how she’d often be up at 1am writing articles. At the time I was like “oh wow, dedicated” but now I know what she means and can appreciate what it takes to have a good functioning blog. With everything else that we have going on, trying to maintain a blog as well is difficult. That’s not to say it isn’t rewarding because it is and who knows, in the future that could mean financially rewarding as well, here’s hoping.

I understand that the last two weeks the articles have been few and far between and whilst I am not making excuses, there have been good reasons for this. Apologies though to those who like reading the blog – I do intend on making a real concerted effort to make sure it stays relevant and up to date in the future and from here on in!

I guess I was unprepared for what was in store. I have to stay up to date with technological developments as it’s my field but when you write a blog it’s different. Suddenly you have to research things a lot more and make sure you fully grasp what is being discussed otherwise you look an idiot and the blog becomes irrelevant. Your arguments become dissected in much greater detail so you have to be prepared to back up your statements with authoritative sources. My aim, other than to promote myself (which incidentally sounds extremely superficial and I can assure you, I’m not!) is to try and make varying technologies and the field I work and study in easily understood to the masses.

So for those of you who are considering doing a blog I’d say go for it. It’s worthwhile and very rewarding when total strangers read your articles and comment on how good it was. The caveat though is be prepared for what lies ahead. It’s not as easy as you think! To those that already blog – how do you manage it? Do you have a specific strategy and time allotted to it or is it a case of “as and when”? I’m intrigued to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

P.S. I am sure Julie will have her own story to tell on this as well so keep a look out for that in the future… *UPDATE*: And here it is…

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