Why IFTTT is Worth The Time

If you haven’t yet heard of IFTTT now’s your chance to learn all about it. IFTTT stands for If This Than That and it is an internet recipe builder.

If that made no sense then have no fear! Remember that children book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? The basic premise is this: if you give a mouse a cookie then he will want a glass of milk. IFTTT works the same way: if you post a link to Facebook then it will add a row to a Google Spreadsheet. Or if you post a photo to Instagram then it will post to Twitter as a native link.

screenshot of IFTTT recipes

The have hundreds of applications that can be paired up in recipes to save you time and make your organization even easier. Some of my favorite recipes include:

-If any new post on online eduction in Feedly then add row to Google spreadsheet. Helpful for organizing potential content

– If any new follower on Twitter then send them a Linkedin connection request

– If any post through Buffer then create row in Google Spreadsheet

If you still feel a little confused, that’s okay, go play around on IFTTT for a few minutes and you’ll get it. The kicker is this: setting up IFTTT recipes that are functional and practical takes some time, I’ve heard many a social media manger say that they wish they could take advantage of IFTTT but they don’t have the time.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.35.32 PM

And I was in the same camp until two weeks ago. I had some free time at the office and decided I wanted to at least use IFTTT to update my content strategy spreadsheet. 4 hours later and I had 9 functional IFTTT recipes up and running.  So much of what I used to do by hand, so much copying and pasting, is now done automatically through IFTTT. Their motto is “let the internet work for you” and their service does just that. As social media managers we should be utilizing all this service offers. Take a few hours one day, I know that sounds like a lot, but you’ll thank me and IFTTT for it.


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  1. Nice IFTTT explainer – I recently started using IFTTT and couldn’t imagine life without it, why don’t more people know about this!! ps. ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ is awesome too.

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