All Aboard The Nostalgia Train

The MTA’s annual vintage subway ride was this past Saturday and I never miss an excuse to dress up.
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The “nostalgia” train ran on the F line from the 2nd ave subway stop to the Forest Hills stop in Queens and was made up of cars from the 1930’s and early 40’s for the whole day Saturday. Also swing bands played on the 2nd ave platform and even in some of the subway cars.


So of course Aidan and I had to dress up and participate!


Aidan wore his nice suit and added a cardigan for extra 30’s feel. I broke out my great grandmothers fur coat, a lace dress, tights, pearls, a flower headband, and of course some red lipstick to complete the look.


Seeing everyone dressed up in their thirties gear was great, but my real favorite part was the train itself, it was very cool to see a train from 80 years ago. It wasn’t as different as I thought it would be. I was surprised they had ads in the same place modern trains have ads and the seats almost looked they same. The biggest difference? The ceiling fans.

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