Bluehost maintenance goes wrong but A+ for social media response

Many of you may not be able to access certain websites at the moment and that’s because one of the web hosting providers did something that unfortunately went rather wrong.

Bluehost were apparently carrying out maintenance on their network last night, Thursday. Whilst this was happening an “unexpected issue” meant that users whose websites are hosted by them are either completely unaccessible or have very sporadic service.

The whole event rather begs the question, why were they performing maintenance on a Thursday night? Surely it would have been better to carry it out over the weekend? In fairness, Bluehost have not stated whether it was routine or not. Maybe an unexpected error came up that they had to deal with there and then

I am intrigued to see what the reaction is of customers. Even though there is clear frustration and some stating their desire to leave the service, a decent proportion seem to accept what has happened and are aware that Bluehost are doing their best. I believe this can be put down, in part, to the social media team who are working extremely hard to keep users updated. Having experienced something similar in this area myself, I know how hard and time consuming that can be. Manning the stations on Twitter for hours on end and being bombarded with questions is not easy. My hat goes off to those members of staff who are trying to respond to each customer and keep them updated as much as they can.

Service is slowly beginning to resume but at what cost? There doesn’t appear to be any timescales. The “ETA is ASAP” isn’t much help when businesses are themselves trying to plan around a lack of service. Users should expect to be given a detailed explanation of what happened, why and how it will be prevented in the future. This is the only way that Bluehost will retain customers. I am sure that Bluehost will, once this is all over, be taking a long hard look at their procedures and how they can be improved.


The cause has been found…

This leaves me with more questions than answers. It took Bluehost 9 hours to figure out that a router was the problem? The configuration that changed must have been large but I am left scratching my head at how this has taken so long to come up with a partial solution.

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