H&M’s New “Plus Size” Swimwear Line

H&M’s new summer swimsuit line H&M+ Swimmies revealed their “plus size” line and it’s anything but. I saw the pictures of model Jennie Runk, who is a size 12, on Buzzfeed and thought “I’m fatter than that girl”. Not 100% true, if you can even measure “fatter”, because Jennie and I have very different bodies. For one I’m a size 8, so technically I’m not “fatter” (I hate that word but I can’t think of a nice one, bigger?). But I look bigger than Jennie in areas, my stomach for one. Jennie also has about seven inches of height on me so that helps. This girl is not plus size though. While looking at the pictures of Jennie in swimsuits and in regular clothes I thought wow this is what H&M clothes look like on a human being, not a model. Not that Jennie isn’t absolutely model gorgeous, but to me her body matches much more of the women I see everyday and she looks great.





enhanced-buzz-887-1368299387-9Photos from H&M:Ford Models 

I want those black swim bottoms because they look like they’ll cover my muffin top and I can wear any of my bikini tops and they’ll match. I don’t usually shop in plus size section though because it won’t fit me. My question is this? Why does this have to be the “plus size” line? Why can’t it just be part of the swimwear line? I don’t think putting size 12 swimsuits in the regular section is that misleading. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “H&M’s New “Plus Size” Swimwear Line

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  2. That is encouraging! Thanks for sharing Brett! & thanks for the comment! It is great to hear men who appreciate all different body types!

  3. yeah, did you read her comments as a plus size model [http://brettfish.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/her-life-as-a-plus-size-model] – super encouraging for a lot of women everywhere i imagine – definitely good to see people appreciating beyond the oh so fake media idea of what a woman should look like [and this coming from a man]
    so good post and keep celebrating and living you
    brett fish

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