Independence Adventures

Yesterday was my last Fourth of July in Texas ever. Well at least until next year…

I spent the day with my sister Lisa and brother-in-law Michael. We lounged in our pool, roasted hot dogs, played washers, a fun  outdoor game that involves throwing which I am bad at. And a game involving cups and a ping pong ball, which also involves throwing and I happen to be very good at.

We were also introduced to the smallest beer bottle known to man. The 7oz Bud light. Or as I liked to call him: Lil’ Bud:

Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Lil’ Bud had many adventures on this Fourth of July.

Lil’ Bud workin’ on his tan.

Lil’ Bud shootin’ some hoops.

Offered to help with yard work.

Lil’ Bud gearin’ up for our volleyball tournament.

Wanted to build a sandcastle but there was no sand…
Lil’ Bud, big patio.
Lil’ Bud needs a teeter partner.
Lil’ Bud is exhausted.
Overall it was a great fourth of July. Lil’ Bud, Lisa, Michael and I all had a blast, pun intended. To end I will leave you with this awesome picture of myself from yesterday, rockin’ not only America colors but also wearing shorts from 1997, no lie.
Happy birthday America!

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