Party Like A Monstar

I may like holidays a little bit. Okay that is a total lie, I LOOOOVE holidays. LOVE THEM! And my holiday love is indiscriminate. Some people really love Christmas or Thanksgiving or Halloween and they go all out for that one holiday. (Aidan adores Christmas and starts celebrating it November first, now that he’s an honorary american though I try to force him to wait until after Thanksgiving). I however love all the holidays and that love is apparent in my over excitement in decorating for and celebrating each holiday.

Halloween is no different of course. This year Aidan and I decided to have a Halloween party (mostly I decided). And I got so excited! Almost everyday for the last two weeks I’ve come home from work and had to confess to buying more decorations. I kept thinking of fun ideas for the decorations or for the food and for my and Aidan’s costumes. My mother also loves Holidays and she had sent me a care package full of candy and decorations!


So this past Saturday Aidan and I threw a Spooktacular Halloween party! Our friends all came over and we had snacks, listened to creepy music and had some good conversation!


This was our entry way. Whenever a new person arrived we turned off the lights and had a strobe light going and Aidan played the theme from the x-files, it was a great way to welcome guests!


We had some Halloween cupcakes from Crumbs and I made Rice Krispie spiders with gummy worm legs and bat shaped pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.


Aidan and I were super cliche and went as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


My favorite decoration was probably this:


All and all it was a great night!


Check out the rest of the pictures from the night!

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