The Magic Power I Wish I had

I suck at music. Which is sad because I love music and I think it’s one of the most connecting and beautiful art forms. Music can greatly affect a person and their emotions. I rarely cry at movies or TV but a song or a Broadway musical can make me wail like well a whale.

When I was little I wanted to be a Broadway actress so my mom enrolled me in voice lessons and I started trying out for local theater productions. I remember trying out for Gretl Von Trapp from the Sound of Music. The guy that listened to us sing told six year old me that I was awful and needed to leave. Literally. So my dream of being on Broadway died but my love for music did not.

When I was seven I started learning piano, I tried twice as hard as everyone in my class but just could not get it. It was time to face the music, I had no talent. I kept with piano for three years but soon grew tired of not really advancing so I quit. I can’t pick notes out of songs, or even tell if the singer is on tune. It’s sad.

You would think I would have some musical talent, my paternal grandmother Doris had an amazing voice. She had spent her youth singing with a bandstand all over Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Which now might sound small time but this was during the great depression, the fact that she was good enough to travel was pretty astounding. But she gave up her dreams of singing to marry my grandfather. I’m glad she did in the sense that I’m alive, but I’m sad she never got to realize her dream of singing on her own record. Grammy Doris was the person that got me addicted to Patsy Cline and who told me I had a beautiful voice (lying to your granddaughter is acceptable).

Flyer for a dance featuring my Grandma Doris

So whenever someone asks if I could have an magic power what would it be I say musical ability. Which gets some weird responses, but that’s okay because it’s what I wish I had.

Also don’t you hate it when someone asks you what kind of music you like? I have very weird and eclectic taste and I think most of our generation does. We listen to everything. I still love Patsy Cline and other oldies. I can dance to top 40 hits like Selena Gomez’s Come and Get it. I also like weird bands like Noah and the Whale, or Pale Young Gentleman, or the Mountain Goats who have the best most accurate break up song of all time.

Or Josh Ritter who has the nicest break up song of all time

I wish I could play guitar, or write lyrics like any of these musicians. I guess there will always have to be musicians and audience members. If I never get my wish maybe I can settle for being someones muse, if you are  a musician you may use the contact us page to ask me out 😉


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