The New Dr. Who


About at year ago I started watching Dr. Who and recently I have sucked my boyfriend into the series as well. As a self proclaimed late comer to the glory that is Doctor Who this is my first real time new Doctor reveal. When I first started watching after the Doctor regenerated I would stop watching for a while, a mourning period if you will, but as I have fallen more into the pattern of Doctor Who I have become accustomed to his changing actors. This new announcement was the first time I was excited and invested in who the new Doctor would be portrayed by. This past Friday BBC announced that Peter Capaldi will play the new Doctor Who.

When I first saw Capaldi I thought yup he looks like the Doctor. However, the announcement that there would be a new Doctor had brought many fans yearning for a female Doctor, or a Doctor of color to the fore front. With the announcement of Capaldi many fans felt he would bring much of the same to the series. The fans have a point, now that we know Time Lords can switch gender ¬†and color during regeneration there’s no reason not to have a Doctor that is more different. However, Capaldi is much older than Matt Smith, the youngest Doctor so far, and is closer to the age of the original four Doctors, his previous acting style and roles also suggests that he may portray a much harder Doctor, especially compared to Matt Smith’s lovey dovey version. And since most Doctors only stick around a few years maybe we will be in for a treat next time ’round!



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