Why remembering to backup DAILY matters

As you probably know, I would call myself a geek and like to say I know a bit about technology but as you’ll read – even us techy’s can and do get it wrong. Unfortunately for us, when we do, it’s often a pretty big deal and this occasion was no exception. :(


So let me set the scene…..Friday – just under two weeks to go until my final paper has to be handed in for one of my classes, not so much as a draft having been sent to the professor as yet. Over the weekend it was a strong push to ensure that changed! By Sunday evening I was feeling rather proud of myself. I’d carried out my research and even cited my references to APA format (something which us Brits know nothing about). I still had a few sections to go but I was confident I was getting there. My beloved Mac, as always, was being smashed with processes all over the place but it didn’t matter. I’d saved my document and with a sense of achievement fell asleep.

Disaster strikes

Monday – it all changed!! You know I’d said about all those Mac processes going on? Well eventually it took it a bit far and caused my mac to crash. That was alright though. Everything recovered including my paper so I saved it again just to be double sure and then closed things down and restarted my poor machine to give it a bit of a break. I thought nothing of it until I went back to it later on, readying myself to send it as a draft to my professor for feedback and that’s when the horror hit me!!! I’D SOMEHOW OVERWRITTEN MY PAPER WITH AN EARLIER VERSION.

What went wrong?

I think that the auto recovery didn’t bring back the latest version, though I am not entirely sure. I made the mistake of not checking the document before saving it again and like that all my work over the weekend was gone. Now there would have been a chance to recover it if there had been a failure or it had accidentally been deleted but writing over it was another story. Once you do that you can’t get it back unless you have a back up, which I do….

Backup procedures fail!

The problem is my backup procedures don’t backup on a daily basis. They back up every 5 days. So there was no backup either. Yep – I now have the joyous task of rewriting my paper all over again. Thankfully I saved my research resources, I have a rough idea of the layout of the paper and it still had some of it saved. I’m confident i’ll still manage to get it done in time.

Moral of the story?

I urge everyone to back up daily. If there is something important then make sure you don’t give it the opportunity to get lost. I fully intend on getting the money together and purchasing a new Apple Time Capsule that will, once set up correctly, back everything up in real time wirelessly and incrementally so I don’t have to worry in future. But that’s a fancy backup system – you can get a 1Tb external hard drive for around $75/£50 from Amazon which is more than enough for what you need. I always preach that “it’ll happen to you at some point” with the confidence that it wouldn’t happen to me….IT DID!

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