Compare and Contrast: My life at 23 vs. My Mothers

Let’s do a little experiment, shall we? I am going to compare my life at 23 to my mothers life when she was 23. I got the idea to do this after seeing this cartoon by Matt Bors that rightly asks if we can stop dumping on the millennial generation. Seriously old people I’m not as lazy as you think.

First let’s look at relationships:

(from here on out I will be in bold because I’m awesome and the one writing this, mom when you start a blog you can bold yourself)

Me: I have had a few serious boyfriends (2) one of which I am dating now. Hi Aidan.

Mom: Has been married to Bill (my dad) for two years

Mom: Has a baby

Me: Doesn’t even own a house plant

Me: Lives 1,200 miles away from her family

Mom: lives about 6 miles from her family


Mom: Associates degree in Science

Mom: no debt

Me: Masters degree in social work

Me: owe $52,000 to Sallie Mae for my education


Mom: nice house with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and separate dinning room, and get this two whole bathrooms

Me: about to be homeless in two weeks when her lease ends and trying to navigate the apartment market in New York City


Mom: Unemployed er I mean stay at home mom

Me: Currently babysitting, working for her church part – time, and waitressing part-time, while also trying to get a real social work job, oh yeah and blogging which she should be better at.

I made you guys this ven diagram on Microsoft Paint:


I definitely didn’t write this to bash my mom, so please don’t think that. My mom is awesome, she went back to school when my older sister was only two to get a degree and become a dental hygienist, she is the nicest person you will ever meet and a pretty cool mom.

But stop calling me and my friends lazy. I worked jobs all through college, sometimes two at a time. When I was twenty two I moved to New York City on my own and have survived a year here. I want to stay in NYC and so I’m working three stable jobs and some odd jobs to make that a reality. I have a masters degree, two internships, and a good GPA under my belt yet I keep going to interviews only to be told they want someone with more experience. I’m sorry exactly how much experience am I supposed to have at 23? I have work experience, internship experience, I was very involved in college, and I’ve been to 10 different countries all around the world from Asia and Europe to Central America.

Yes old people you owned a house at my age, you also went to college when it only cost $3,000 a year to attend college, whereas I paid almost $30,000 annually. Yes you were having babies, and we all thank you for that, but you also had a different economic situation than us. Yes we wait longer to buy houses, get married, and have children, shouldn’t you be proud we’re trying to save money before we do all those things? As the cartoon says you may have started with nothing but the majority of us start our lives already in debt, and we work hard to still be successful.



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