The Great Gatsby Special Effects

*Spoiler alert* The below video only gives away visual aspects, no real plot points, and if you’ve read the book, nothing you don’t already know, but if you don’t want to know or see anything about the film The Great Gatsby don’t watch the video

The special effects of The Great Gatsby were supervised by Chris Godfrey, who also worked with Baz Lurhmann on Moulin Rouge. It’s so interesting to see a little behind the scenes of how the movie was made, especially the house and driving scenes.

Robert Redford as Gatsby, 1974
Robert Redford as Gatsby, 1974


When you compare this Great Gatsby to the 1970’s Great Gatsby  it pales in comparison, it’s crazy what can be done with the advancing computer technology.

The song in the video is Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

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