Finch The Pup

Last Thursday Aidan and I adopted a dog from the ASPCA, kind of on a whim. First off, let me say I would never advocate for you to adopt a dog or any animal for that matter without planning for it, thinking about it, and researching it. Pets change your life and you can’t just return them if they don’t work out. That being said I always knew we would get a dog eventually and Aidan and I had talked about costs and lifestyle changes a bit, we even signed up to foster ASPCA dogs, but we had decided that we were okay with putting off full blown adoption for a bit, Aidan has never had a dog, and although he wanted one someday we hadn’t settled on when that would be.

That is until I saw Finch. Pretty much once a week I would scan the ASPCA’s website of adoptable dogs in NYC because I like looking at dogs and reading their stories, and because usually the dogs that are adoptable are giant pit bulls and our apartment has a 50lb weight limit. Since I had an apartment imposed weight limit I felt safe reading the ASPCA site. I was wrong.

Last Thursday I was pursuing the ASPCA website per usual when this face stopped me in my tracks


And I was donzo. It was love at first sight. I immediately texted Aidan “can we adopt this puppy please?”. Honestly I knew he would say no, but then he said “maybe”, and we were done for. I called the shelter, got all of his information, Finch the puggle (pug beagle mix) is almost 7 years old, has 3 legs, and loves all people and dogs! sold.

Finch_A22885451 (1)

We went and picked Finch up that night. And all I can say is we got so lucky! Finch is amazing! He is potty trained, does not chew up things he’s not supposed to, plays nice with people and dogs, and little kids. Now I’ve had dogs before, and I was ready to train a new dog, and help him adjust so we were prepared, but really we didn’t have to be because he is a super easy pup!

Also I have officially turned Aidan into a dog person, on night 4 of having Finch he turned to me at dinner and said “I can’t even remember what our life was like before him”. Be still my heart.


Like I said, not advocating for everyone to go out and get a dog right now if it’s not right for your lifestyle or family on a whim. Even though it was the best whim decision I’ve ever made :) photo-1

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