New Goals New Year

Fun fact about me: I kinda hate new years resolutions.

It’s not that I blame people for making new years resolutions; it’s always good to make goals and learn from mistakes of previous years. I just really bristle at the idea that there’s only one time of year I can make “resolutions” and I don’t like feeling peer pressured to drag up all the things I need to change about my life and most of all I dislike being cliche.

But enough negative nancy-ness. As the new year starts up I’m not going to focus on exercising more, although I should, and I’m definitely not going to be more organized because I know myself better, and I’ll probably never stop procrastinating but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some goals for 2014.

1. Be Where My Feet Are

That may sound weird, but I ¬†want to learn to be more present in all situations. It’s hard not to miss my family when I’m in NYC and miss Aidan when I’m in TX. It’s really hard to not spend time consumed with the future and making plans. But in reality life is too short to be worried about things not right in front of you. I want to be better at putting my phone down more, about not watching tv while writing, about being overall engaged. This one will be the hardest for me but it will also be the most rewarding.

2. Stay In Touch

Now that I’m not in college and all my best friends don’t live down the hall from me anymore I need and want to be a lot better at using the phone for more than texting.

3. Write More

I was really good at keeping a journal when I was in high school and I want to get back in that habit. I feel like I write better when I do it often and it’s a good stress relief.

I like the idea of setting goals instead of resolutions. Here’s to looking forward and having a great 2014!

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