The Breaking Bad Ship Sailed Without Me

The series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad premiered last night and my Twitter feed blew up.

breakingbad 1


Usually I’m right there with everyone. I’m cool, I keep up with pop culture, I like T.V., I want to be in the loop… but I just couldn’t get into Breaking Bad. I watched a few episodes, up until the dead body bathtub fell through the ceiling, and I just could not keep going. Even though all my friends were ranting and raving about Breaking Bad. I had watched the first few episodes when it first came out so by the time everyone was obsessed I had already washed my hands of Walt. Usually when that happens I can be persuaded to go back and give the show another shot (Mad Men for example), but I just had no desire to keep watching so I didn’t.



And I think I may have missed one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, which is hard for me. Not only do I hate feeling left out of anything, but I also write about pop culture for this blog. Ultimate fail. While Breaking Bad was ending last night I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix, one of my favorite fall movies! I would much rather watch something I actually like than feel forced to watch seven seasons (how many did Breaking Bad actually have?) of a show I don’t like just because everyone else is doing it.

This is also how I came to like New Girl. I watched the first episode and thought it was really dumb, but since everyone kept talking about it I finally gave in and watched a few more episodes. It grew on me. Not all shows do though, I watched two whole awful seasons of Glee before I finally said screw the masses and threw in the towel.┬áThat’s one thing about T.V. these days, it’s so easy to watch shows on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or some not as upstanding internet sites that you feel pressured to watch what all the cool kids are watching. I’m not saying Breaking Bad wasn’t an amazing show with great actors and superb writing, from everything I’ve heard it was. It just wasn’t for me, and that’s okay.



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