10 Things I learned at the NYC Pride Parade


This past Sunday I attended my first ever Pride Parade. In the span of three hours I got glitter poured on me, had my hand kissed by a very cute girl, and learned a few things.

1. New York is not only full of proud people but proud landmarks as well


2. Kids in NYC know what’s up


3. As do the Muppets


4. Your motorcycle is incomplete without some pride swag


5. Same goes for your Segway


6. NYPD has pride, too


7. There is a New York City gay flag twirling company called the Flaggots


8. 90% of the gay male popluation in NYC can walk better in heels than I ever will


9. The LGBT community is very generous


10. Edie Windsor emanates love and beauty

DSC03615 - Copy


Seriously when her car drove by everyone went wild and it was understandable, not only was it her court case that brought down DOMA (RIP), but she and her late wife Thea Spyer were one of the first gay rights advocates in NYC. I honestly don’t know what it is about her, but the minutes she steps (or in my case rolls) into your presence your heart just lights up. I have a little bit of a girl crush on her, and can you blame me? Look how sexy she is at 83!



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