The 2013 NBA Finals

I honestly don’t want to write a post about this, but I felt like I wrote so many leading up to the last game that I should at least address the fact that the Spurs lost. There’s a lot to say, but I’m not the right person to analyze the game, being a sports writer must be really difficult. Here’s the one biased thing I will say: the Spurs handled loosing like the gentlemen they are and the Miami Heat, mostly Lebron James, handled winning like the absolute jerks that they are.


I’m sorry but you are not the “king” of anything. Yes Lebron James you are good at basketball; however, and this may come as a shock to you, but you are not the only person that can play basketball. In fact there are quiet a few people in the United States that are pretty good at basketball so good in fact they form this thing called the National Basketball Association. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yes Lebron James you may be good at basketball, but you have not yet proven yourself to be any where near the skill level of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson, or Wilt Chamberlin, or Shaq, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or even Tim Duncan. And you, Lebron James made a fool of yourself and a team that gave you your start when you “took your talents to South Beach” and that my friend is why in fifty years you will be known as a good basketball player, maybe even one of the greats, but you, Lebron James will never be remembered with such affection and admiration as the greatest power forward of all time.

Okay maybe that was more than one biased thing.


The San Antonio Spurs are a great team, but they dropped the ball (no pun intended) during game six and seven of the NBA Finals. The coaches and staff underplayed Tony Parkers injury and it was apparent during the last two games where he could not move as fast or swiftly as he usually did. Manu Ginobili (the love of my sports life) made shot mistakes, and Danny Green lost his confidence. But there are no excuses in sports, Miami played better and they won. And it was sad for me (and a lot of people). It wasn’t the NBA or David Sterns fault, ¬†or even Pops fault. That’s sports, there are winners and losers, some players just lose with more class than others.



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