Won’t You Be My Buddy?

Budweiser is launching some new drinkware this summer. Forget the iconic red solo cup, that was so last century, now we have the Buddy Cup. A glass complete with a computer. This new cup is connected to your Facebook account and anytime you clink glasses with someone you become their “friend” on Facebook.

This is a really cool idea, in theory. The problems though are many. First off usually when I go to a bar I go with a group of my real life friends, who are already my friends on Facebook. Second, after my first drink I become everybody’s best friend. I am admittedly the girl at the bar that is annoyingly like “heeeeey guys, yeah bff, *clink* whooo”. And I can already imagine opening up my Facebook the next day and seeing “Julie Sutherland is now friends with John Barguy and 58 other people” and hearing my exasperated groan as I defriend all these random people or worse just get overwhelmed and leave it, because it doesn’t really matter. Unless one of them decides to stalk me.

Here I’m going to sidetrack myself to say this: I like Budweiser. I like Bud Light and Bud Light Platinum, and Bud Light Lime, I cried at the super bowl Clydesdale commercial and I absolutely love the St.Louis Cardinals (if this looks out of place to you click this link).

However, this Buddy Cup brings up not only Facebook privacy issues (not their first rodeo in this area) but also safety. I’m already aware that if you are my Facebook friend, even if we haven’t spoken in fifteen years, you know or could find out everything about me. I have my school and work listed along with my age, I’m listed as living in New York, I add photos of me in Central Park and the kicker I have checked in at my apartment and surrounding restaurants and bars before. But I have my privacy settings high, meaning only my approved friends can see these facts. Except when drunk Julie starts clinking classes with the entire bar. And that’s the big issue, is the Buddy Cup opening up our Facebook’s to people we barely know? Yes. Is this a privacy problem? Absolutely.

Also on a less scary stalker note, I know Facebook execs. want me to have a million “friends” and download Facebook Home and check Facebook every five seconds, but don’t they also want me to like my Facebook? I can’t help but wonder if watering our Facebook’s down with thousands of “friends” is going to have the opposite effect and continue to push our feet out the door? Is this the beginning of the end? What do you think?

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