Sustainable Sunday

Today I fell in love with the Green Market farmers market. I know I am a little late to this love fest, and I know that farmers markets are not unique to N.Y.C but this was my first experience and it was love at first bite.

Green Market 77th and Columbus 

We went to the market that runs on Columbus Ave between 77th and 80th , as we were walking to our subway I was literally bouncing I was so excited! I made up a song about the cool farmers we would meet and their fresh produce. Not kidding. If I could I would sing it to you, but I’m not that brave, let’s just say it involved the line “farmers with fruit and dirt on their nails, I love dirt”. I never claimed to be a songwriter…
The stand where I got my gala apples!
I left the market with apples, bell peppers, and cucumbers all for under six dollars. Pretty comparable to the produce you get at the grocery store, as far as I can tell. And you get to support local farmers. Going to the market made my whole day! It was a fun and new experience which is what living in NYC is all about! 
My delicious fresh from the farm cucumbers!

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