WTF Friday

Riding the NYC subway is always an experience. There are the days when you get on the D train and realize it’s running like the express A train and you miss your stop by 30 blocks. There are days when the trains run so slow the yucky sewer water is trickling by faster. There are days where both trains are delayed and you can’t for the life of you hail a cab, this usually evokes a sort of apocalyptic feeling. Every now and then the train has no problems and you efficiently arrive at your destination.

Sometimes your subway adventure is made by the people. There are the creepy men that try to talk to you. Or just happen to sit/stand awkwardly close to you. And sometimes there are precious old men on the subway that say you look like a rose (thank you cute Irish man) and don’t sit or stand too close to you. Sometimes you make friends, like the man and woman who I spied on yesterday and who talked from 186th all the way to 125th where he got up the nerve to ask for her number. She gave it to him and he said he’d call. I hope he does, they were pretty adorable! Sometimes your subway trip is completely uneventful.

And sometimes these are in your subway station.

Happy Friday everyone!

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