WTF Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Our first week of classes is done! For this week’s episode of crazy things that happen in New York we are going to talk about money. I know everyone knows that New York City is an expensive place to live. And I was prepared and ready for the change. Or so I thought. Apparently I am a frugal old lady at heart… and there have been a couple heart attack scares.

Exhibit A:

NY: $1.89
TX: $0.89
This was the first time I thought to myself, wait I know exactly how much that costs at home and that is a WHOLE DOLLAR MORE! It was a hard moment.
The real kicker came though when I schlepped downtown 98 blocks to Gap to replenish my body spray supply.
NY: $9.50 (small bottle)
TX: $5.95 (small bottle)
I almost cried. How am I supposed to smell fresh and floral-y? I might as well buy Chanel No. 5 for that price.

One thought on “WTF Friday

  1. Oh NOES! Maybe you can get your bodyspray online? Ebay? In bulk? LOL. Chanel costs way more than $10, though… just sayin’ 😉 The perfume I get is like $30 for a 1.7oz bottle… it is NOT Chanel.

    Maybe you can get a COSTCO membership and buy canned ravioli in bulk?

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